Cross Training

Ignite Fitness cross training is a high intensity interval training workout.  This is the best kind of workout to improve athletic performance, burn fat, and increase metabolism. At Ignite Fitness we focus on:

Safety. No exercise should ever injure you. It is our job to not only make you fit, but keep you active. You can’t do that when you are hurting.

Form. Proper form not only helps prevent injury, but also assists in the getting the most out of your workout. We teach the right way to do every exercise.

Discipline. Let’s be honest. Most people lack long-term discipline. At Ignite Fitness we will hold you accountable to your short and long term goals.

Variety. Every day is a different workout. They are well designed and planned for optimum results. This keeps your mind and body engaged, having fun, and making continual progress.

Environment. We maintain a safe and motivating environment that supports you at the level you’re at. There is no room for comparison, flaunting, judging, or criticism at Ignite.

We focus on fitness while doing our best and inspiring others to do the same!



Great People

Ignite Fitness is a community of people who encourage, support and challenge each other. Join the family!


Flexible Times

Thirty-seven classes every week. There is a good time for everyone, every day.


Commitment To You

At every workout you will get hands on coaching and motivation. We put attendees in small groups of 3-4 for maximum attention.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


I enjoy Ignite Fitness and it has really changed me. I enjoy the trainers, Jason, and those who I workout with. Great atmosphere to get your butt kicked and feel good about it.

Rance P.

I lost weight I’ve been carrying for years, I gained strength and confidence. My life is more fun as a fit person. It feels so good to overcome things you didn’t know you could. You can do hard things- and you will have so much fun doing it!

Kelly S.

I needed a workout that I could look forward to that made me want to go and get in shape! It boosts my self esteem because I am more fit than I have ever been and I feel better after my hour at Ignite Fitness.

Karly J.

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