The heart, mind and body are inseparably connected.  What you do with one influences the other and we believe that fitness is is one of the best ways to support you in the life.

The definition of Ignite is:

  1. To set afire
  2. To cause [a fuel] to burn
  3. To heat up
  4. To set in motion

All of these words can be used in your fitness routine and goals.  Ignite is dedicated to helping you set your goals “in motion”, “burn” calories or limiting beliefs, heating up your drive and focus, to set yourself on fitness “fire” which then IGNITES other areas of your life… and even spreads, like fire, to other people and inspires them to do the same.

At Ignite Fitness we want to support you in this process.  We do this by having intense and amazing workouts in a cross training format, each one designed by an experienced personal trainer with specific purposes for ultimate gains.  We also offer private training, nutritional plans and consulting, weight training, and various other coaching.

We also have some of the most varied, unique, and impressive equipment in Utah.  Many of the racks and equipment are specially designed and hand-crafted to fit the needs of the gym.  We also have a full weight room with machines, cables, and weights.  Because of the owner’s background love of bodybuilding and powerlifting they make sure to also have bumper plates and dumbbells up to 140lb.  We have a furnished childcare room with toys and a tv/dvd and free childcare during the morning classes. There is truly something for everyone at Ignite to help you reach your fitness goals.

Join us and get ready to IGNITE YOUR LIFE!

Jason Muir

Jason Muir


When I was young, I was drawn to bodybuilding but it wasn’t until after high school that I discovered it was my passion.  I immersed myself in the fitness industry and lost 130 pounds. Shortly thereafter, I certified as a personal trainer because I wanted to help others experience what I did.  After being a personal trainer for 12 years I decided to also become a firefighter. Through the process of my fire training I found out while I was physically in great shape from years of lifting and running, my body still struggled to do core movements required of firemen.  Other firefighters who were not in as good of shape as I was, had no problem doing these movements or routine drills. I had a new fitness goal to turn my experience as a fireman into real training that would help me be in shape for real life situations vs. what was only good for being in the gym.  After a few years of training and exercise with these new principles in a cross training format, I found a new professional goal to introduce as many people to cross training as possible with the purpose of making people fit for their lives (and not just the gym). This is when I opened FireHouse Fitness.  After 5 amazing years with FireHouse, my wife, Martina, and I decided to join forces and we opened Ignite Fitness. This new name signifies our combined and bigger vision.

I have 20 years of personal training experience and have multiple certifications and positions from NESTA, ISSA and have worked as a trainer for the Hill Field Air Force, Marines and with the Davis County law enforcement agencies. I have received specialized training in weight-loss, post pregnancy weight-loss, bodybuilding, and sport nutrition. I was voted as one of the “Best Personal Trainers in Utah” by a National fitness company.

The Dress Code

The Dress Code


Why do we have a dress code?


Here are a few ways that having a dress code helps us accomplish this goal:

  1. It keeps you focused.  Studies have shown that the more your skin is exposed the more your subconscious brain is distracted by constantly thinking about your exposed body parts (to be aware of possible harm and need for protection, adjusting the clothing, and even  being worried about what other people think).
  2. It prevents complaints.  Before we had a dress code we would hear complaints from people seeing exposed private parts and they wouldn’t want to use the same equipment after seeing such things. The dress code took care of this concern.
  3. It diminishes comparison.  Our gym encourages everyone to be their OWN best self and not compare themselves to others.  A dress code reminds everyone that we are here for a good workout and not for image.
  4. It adds to the safe environment.  If you are lifting heavy and someone near you has a private part exposed you will probably look away out of respect.  However, there are exercises where you could hurt yourself if you did a quick movement like turning your head. This has really happened before so we are not making this stuff up!!

What is the dress code?

  • Wear a shirt or tank top – No sport bras or shirtless.
  • Wear mid-thigh shorts or longer (capris/pants) – No small running shorts
  • Wear undergarments (bras, supportive tank, underwear, and/or armor/biking shorts if you are wearing baggy shorts)  – Basically… keep your private parts tucked in and prevented from falling out or being displayed to others.